I did not file my Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit. How can I get my taxes adjusted?

In order to claim the Principal Residence Exemption (PRE), you must both own and occupy the residence on or before June 1 of the year of your claim.  If you currently claim the exemption on another house, you must rescind that exemption prior to claiming the new PRE.  In order to receive an adjustment on your tax bill, you must provide the following to the assessor:

  • A completely filled out Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit
  • Proof that you are not currently claiming a similar exemption elsewhere
  • Proof of occupancy for the applicable tax years (an assessor can consider an adjustment for the current year and up to three years prior); we require three proofs of residency for the tax year(s) in which an adjustment is requested.  Proof of occupancy as a principal residence does not depend on any particular fact, but on whether all the facts and circumstances taken together tend to establish that the property was occupied by the person asserting eligibility for the PRE.  Generally, documentation demonstrating occupancy may include: 
  1. Mover or moving truck rental invoice
  2. Both sides of a driver’s license with the property address
  3. Federal and/or State Income Tax returns showing the property address 
  4. A voter’s registration record
  5. Cancelled checks showing the property address
  6. Medical billings from physicians within the vicinity of the of the property
  7. Insurance policies
  8. Telephone or cable bills with the mailing address of the property
  9. Bank and charge accounts showing purchases in the vicinity of the property

NOTE: Ultimately, the burden of proof is on the taxpayer to prove eligibility for a PRE. When submitting documentation, please remember to blackout any sensitive information and provide a phone number and/or email address in case we have any questions.

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